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        New York Design Center | 200 Lexington Avenue | Suite 1006 | New York, N.Y. 10016 | P. 212-696-0080 | F. 212-696-4248 | Email: info@ 


        Exceptional Works of Hand Woven Art
        As the premiere source for fine hand woven art Renaissance Carpet & Tapestries specializes in recreating the most coveted woven creations that the world’s centuries and cultures have had to offer. Our chief designer, Philippe Hecquet and his team of artisans are of the most internationally recognised artists in their oeuvre and have designed carpets for some of the most prestigious interiors across the globe.

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        Please use the links above or below to view our
        Hand Woven collections
        Please use the links below to view our custom projects, grand palaces and residential interiors.
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